PInk Pigeon | Rum

The Pink Pigeon is a rum brand from Berry Bros. & Rudd that has an elegantly sophisticated bottle. 

The rum itself is distilled in Mauritius by the Medine distillery. Hand-picked vanilla from Madagascar and Reunion Island are then added together with nutmeg and other unspecified spices to create the final product.

Nose: An aroma of vanilla so intense that it almost ceases to smell of vanilla. The intensity is both sweet and savoury, with a hint of smoke, like a creme brûlée that has caught. The rum is totally overpowered and whilst obviously alcoholic, the base spirit is barely identifiable as rum.

Neat: Akin to being assaulted by a giant vanilla pod. Sweet vanilla so intense it leaves you reeling. Not even the merest hint of an attempt at subtlety, this is vanilla carried on alcohol, and quite frankly little else. There is a moderately spicy character to it coming through on the mid-palate which may well be a contribution of the nutmeg and other ‘natural flavourings’ but the vanilla so dominates that it leads one to call into question the quality of the base spirit. Long finish with vanilla aromas.

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